$52 Million Secured to Demolish up to 2,000 Blighted Structures in Flint and Genesee County

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) creates a unique opportunity to leverage funding from multiple sources to clear blight in neighborhoods. So far, we have secured $52 million from local, state and federal sources as detailed in the table below. These funds, combined with additional grants we hope to secure in the coming years, will help us clear vacant and blighted structures impacting neighborhoods through 2026. Since the GCLBA signed its first grant agreements under the aggressive demolition program in October of 2022, the Land Bank has successfully cleared hundreds of blighted properties from neighborhoods.  Updates on our progress are provided monthly on the tab to the left.

GCLBA Blight Elimination Funding Secured from September 2022-February 27, 2024:



Genesee County ARPA


City of Flint ARPA


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation


Community Project Funding (Congressman Kildee)


Michigan State Land Bank Blight Elimination Program, Round 1


Michigan State Land Bank Blight Elimination Program, Round 2


Michigan State Land Bank Blight Elimination Program, Round 3


Michigan State Land Bank Blight Elimination Program, Round 4


Genesee County Treasurer


Genesee County Land Bank Authority




The Demo Schedule For the Funded Demolition List Is Now Available!

The lists below with anticipated date ranges for demolition include more than 1,910 demolitions.  This list will continue to be updated as properties may be sold or cancelled, and projects may experience delays due to unanticipated circumstances. As additional funds are secured, we will prioritize more vacant and blighted Land Bank structures to demolish. Properties included on the lists below are also noted as "Funded" under Demolition Status with regularly updated date ranges at www.flintpropertyportal.com.

Property Selection Process

The Land Bank began the process of selecting blighted structures for demolition by collecting property condition information and resident recommendations for demolition through the Flint Property Portal.  We used resident input on criteria to prioritize demolitions collected through a community survey. Based on more than 400 survey responses, residents asked us to prioritize the blighted houses that are: 1) directly next door to occupied properties; 2) in areas where more people live and where homes are occupied; 3) near open schools; and 4) fire damaged.  We used this direction to develop a scoring framework for all demolition candidates in Land Bank’s inventory and the highest scoring properties were selected for demolition with the funding secured so far. Flint City Council helped gather public input and shared their feedback with us before the list was finalized. Properties may be removed from the list if they are sold.

Demolition Contractors

For information about Genesee County Land Bank bids, please click the Contracts/Bids button at the bottom of the page or click here. Through the Contracts and Bids page you can view current and past bids, award information, and access additional resources for working with Genesee County Land Bank.

Protecting Neighbors and the Environment

We have a reputation for having a safe demolition program with strict controls in place to protect residents and workers. We take the following steps to ensure that demolitions are conducted safely and with minimal risk or inconvenience to nearby residents 

Asbestos & Hazardous Material: Contractors take precautions to remove and mitigate health hazards by removing safely accessible asbestos and hazardous materials prior to demolition. 

Dust Control: Houses are sprayed with water during demolition to keep dust down and prevent it from spreading. 

Advance notice: Contractors are required post door hangers no less than one week prior to demolition to let neighbors know what they can do to avoid any dust or other potential health concerns 

Timeliness: Once a structure has been hit, contractors are to load out the debris expeditiously. 

SecurityAny time a project cannot be knocked down and loaded out within a 48-hour time frame, contractors are required to secure the site with chain link fencing. 

Any time an open hole is to remain for more than 24 hours, contractors are required to secure the site with snow fencing. 

Accountability: Contractors caught violating demolition requirements will be held accountable. Call 810-257-3088 to report any problems.

For Your Safety During Demotions

  •  Keep your distance from demolition sites
  • Keep children & pets inside & close doors & windows to minimize dust exposure during demo 
  • After demo, use soapy water to wipe down floors, windows & dusty areas inside & out § Do not touch debris from demolition 
  • Wash hands regularly, especially before eating 

Please Contact Us at 810-257-3088 demo@thelandbank.org If You See…

  • Demolition without the use of water spray 
  • Anyone illegally dumping on the property 
  • Open holes or debris left for 48 hrs. or more
  • Any other demolition concerns

Watch this video to learn more about staying safe during demolitions. 


Click here to learn more about demolition safety

Click here to learn more demolition bids & contracts.

Check out our Demolition Scoring Framework to learn how we prioritized properties for demolition.

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