Because our inventory consists of tax foreclosed properties, most of the properties we receive are vacant and often blighted.

The Land Bank works with partners to eliminate blight through the programs described below:

Hiring Local Crews to Maintain Vacant Properties 

Land Bank crews work hard to remove blight. They mow tall grass and remove trash from all vacant properties in Flint, two-thirds of which are not owned by the Land Bank. Learn more about how the crews improve the appearance of the neighborhoods and provide jobs for local residents by clicking the link below.

Property Maintenance Program

Supporting Community Based Maintenance through our Clean & Green Program 

Our Clean & Green program serves as the backbone of our community engagement work involving up to 1,000 volunteers through up to 70 community-based organizations each year in vacant property maintenance and neighborhood improvement.

Clean & Green Program

Reducing Long Term Maintenance Costs on Vacant Lots 

The Land Bank plants Dutch White Clover after demolishing blighted structures. In addition to reducing long term maintenance needs and costs, clover fixes nitrogen in the soils, supports pollinators and much more!   

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