Clean & Green Program

Our Clean & Green program serves as the backbone of our community engagement work involving up to 1,000 volunteers through up to 70 community-based organizations each year in vacant property maintenance and neighborhood improvement.

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Citizen's Advisory Council

We also have a Citizen's Advisory Council to connect and engage with the community and gather input from residents and host engagement sessions periodically.

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Flint Property Portal

Flint Property PortalWe share property information with the public and gather community input about properties through the Flint Property Portal.  The Flint Property Portal was launched by the Genesee County Land Bank Authority and the City of Flint in 2017. The purpose of the Portal is to increase public access to property information in order to strengthen engagement, transparency, and trust between residents and local government in Flint.

Links & Resources

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Liability Waiver Form

If you have requested and received permission to clean or clear a Land Bank property, please complete and submit this liability form before you begin working on the property.

GCLBA General Release of Liability