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The Land Bank hires seasonal weed and trash abatement crews that mow grass and remove trash from vacant properties in Flint and Genesee County.

  • In May, crews start sweeping the city of Flint, mowing grass and removing trash from all vacant properties - vacant houses, vacant buildings, and vacant lots. Crews will visit all vacant properties in Flint at least once a year.
  • Vacant and blighted properties that are next to occupied properties are completely mowed. 
  • Mow strips are used for vacant and blighted properties that are not next to occupied properties. 
  • For properties in Flint, crews follow the schedule on the map to the left. The start dates provided are subject to change according to weather and property conditions. 
  • Land Bank crews also mow properties that are in its inventory outside of the city of Flint.
  • Click here for the Land Bank Flint Area Mowing Plan.

See the updated 2021 mowing schedule** below or click here to download.

2021 Mowing Map & Schedule



Did you know?

Maintaining vacant properties is expensive.

It would cost $7 million annually to mow the grass and remove trash from all vacant properties in Flint, once a month from spring to summer. It would cost an additional $845,000 to board vacant properties that have open doors and windows. The Land Bank has approximately $1.5 million for vacant property maintenance in 2016. The City of Flint has $200,00 for vacant property cleanups.

Illegal Dumping
In order to mow the grass on vacant properties, crews must also remove illegally dumped trash. Land Bank crews annually remove 500 tons of trash from vacant properties. Illegally dumped trash is the biggest obstacle that the crews face each year.