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Because our inventory consists of tax foreclosed
properties, most of the properties we receive are vacant and often blighted.

While many people assume that we own every blighted property in Genesee County, we actually own about one out of every three. In many cases, there is no immediate use or demand for these properties. 

Land Bank crews work hard to remove blight. They mow tall grass and remove trash from all vacant properties in Flint, two-thirds of which are not owned by the Land Bank. Learn more about how the crews improve the appearance of the neighborhoods and provide jobs for local residents by watching this five-minute video!

Update on the Lease-a-lot Program - Pausing Lease/Adoption Application Processing

Thanks to those of you who garden and maintain vacant lots through Land Bank leases and adoptions!  Now that the growing season is wrapping up, we will pause application processing for the season starting on Friday, September 17th. Applications received before Friday will be processed by October 15th.  This will enable our staff to process a backlog of applications to purchase properties.   We will resume processing applications on January 31st, 2022.


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