The Land Bank’s Citizens' Advisory Council advocates for our programs in the community and also informs us of the impact, reception and perception of our policies and programs by in the community. The Council is an 18-member body, comprised of representatives from each of the City of Flint's nine wards and each of Genesee County's nine Districts. Citizen Advisory Council members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and Flint City Council.


Erik Loper County District 1
VACANT County District 2
Larry Petrella (Vice Chair) County District 3
VACANT County District 4
Anoopa Shantaram County District 5
VACANT County District 6
VACANT County District 7
VACANT County District 8
Tim Coleman County District 9
Harry Ryan Flint City Ward 1
Joe King Flint City Ward 2
Quincy Murphy Flint City Ward 3
Edna Sabucco Flint City Ward 4
Rev. Jacob Hawkins Flint City Ward 5
Chris Del Morone (Chair) Flint City Ward 6
Deborah Holmes Flint City Ward 7
Cheryl Christoff Flint City Ward 8
Gerri Hall Flint City Ward 9

Citizens' Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities