by Lucille James
Monday, March 13, 2023

$39.5 Million Secured at the end of FY 22 to Demolish up to 1,910 Blighted Structures in Flint and Genesee County

The Genesee County Land Bank (Land Bank), working in partnership with the City of Flint and Genesee County, secured $39.5 million in FY 22 to demolish up to 1,910 blighted structures. The funding sources for blight elimination include: $16 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) from the City of Flint, $8 million in ARPA from the County, $10 million in grant funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, $4.5 million from the Land Bank and the Genesee County Treasurer, and $1 million in Community Project Funding through Congressman Kildee’s office.


Over the next four years, the Genesee County Land Bank hopes to secure an additional $5.8 million to demolish 505 additional blighted structures to reach our goal of clearing 2,415 blighted structures from Flint and Genesee County.  Michael Freeman, Executive Director of the Land Bank, is pleased that partners are coming together to continue the process of clearing blighted structures impacting residents and neighborhoods throughout Flint and Genesee County. “Clearing blight will help restore value to communities and create healthier and safer neighborhoods.” Click this link to read more -