The Land Bank’s seasonal crews mow grass and remove trash from vacant properties in Flint and Genesee County

  • In May, crews start sweeping the city of Flint, mowing grass and removing trash from all vacant properties - vacant houses, vacant buildings, and vacant lots. Crews visit all vacant properties in Flint at least once a year.
  • Vacant and blighted properties that are next to occupied properties are completely mowed. 
  • Mow strips are used for vacant and blighted properties that are not next to occupied properties. 
  • For properties in Flint, crews follow a schedule that is updated and subject to change due to weather and property conditions. 
  • Land Bank crews also mow properties that are in its inventory outside of the city of Flint.

The Land Bank secures vacant properties by boarding windows and doors.

Non-secured vacant buildings pose an even greater risk to neighbors and neighborhoods.  Blight Management crews respond to complaints by installing plywood boards on open doors and windows of vacant houses and commercial buildings, when possible.  Crews also make every effort to supply boards to community-based groups that want to secure vacant buildings in their neighborhoods.  You can always report an issue with a Land Bank property through our website.

See the updated 2023 mowing schedule below or click here to download.

2023 Mowing Schedule