The Land Bank also has Commercial Properties

Our inventory includes commercial properties in Genesee County, many of which are available for sale and in need of repair. Click here to search for commercial properties that the Land Bank owns. Some of our higher value properties are listed with local realtors.

If you are interested in purchasing a particular property not listed with a realtor, please submit a Commercial Property Interest Form directly to the GCLBA office by mail, fax or drop off. A sales team member will contact you by phone to schedule a showing of the property.

For properties listed with a local realtor please contact the realtor directly for all inquiries.

In September 2017 the Land Bank Board of Directors added deed restriction language for all future commercial sales. Click here to see this policy change.

The Land Bank has positioned abandoned commercial buildings in Flint for more than $70 million of investments. These buildings, once vacant, are now occupied by businesses that employ local residents, pay taxes, and fuel the local economy. Learn more about how and why we receive and reposition commercial buildings for redevelopment by watching this five-minute video!