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The Land Bank is planting clover on thousands of vacant lots
to reduce long-term maintenance needs and costs.

Dutch White Clover:

  • Grows only 10-12 inches tall
  • Provides the look of a maintained property
  • Requires mowing only once or twice a year
  • Provides food for wildlife
  • Is drought-tolerant
  • Is a legume that fixes nitrogen in the soil, improving the soil condition

Tips on How to Maintain Dutch White Clover:

  • During the first year, clover sites should be mowed every 4-6 weeks
  • Set the mower deck high (4") when you mow clover
  • Weed lots when necessary, especially in the spring
  • If the clover is not growing well, contact the Land Bank


The Land Bank's mission is to restore value to the community by acquiring, developing and selling vacant and abandoned properties in cooperation with stakeholders who value responsible land ownership.

The Land Bank will be closed on Tues., Feb. 12th to observe Lincoln's Birthday & on Mon., Feb. 18th to observe President's Day holiday.



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The Genesee County Land Bank is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

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