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Meet our Staff:

Staff Position Extension
Renee Auten Transaction Supervisor 810-257-3088 ext. 532
Patti Barnett Grant Compliance Specialist 810-257-3088 ext. 538
Wendy Beardsley Transaction Assistant  810-257-3088 ext. 534
Duane Bickford Property Manager 810-257-3088 ext. 522
Robert Carroll Accountant  810-257-3088 ext. 530
Yolanda Collins Accountant  810-257-3088 ext. 533
Dawn Everett Sales & Development Manager 810-257-3088 ext. 525
Faith Finholm Grant Manager 810-257-3088 ext. 539
Michael Freeman Executive Director 810-257-3088 ext. 521
Scott Hartman Construction Specialist  
Renee Harvey Property Management Clerk 810-257-3088 ext. 541
Mashawna Jackson Account Clerk 810-257-3088 ext. 601
Lucille James Database Administrator 810-257-3088 ext. 529
Christina Kelly Director of Planning & Neighborhood Revitalization 810-257-3088 ext. 527
Laura Lenoir Receptionist 810-257-3088 ext. 520
Jim Marcy Demolition Program Team Lead 810-257-3088 ext. 543
Tammie McElwee Title Research Specialist 810-257-3088 ext. 526
Paul McShane Chief Financial Officer 810-257-3088 ext. 531
Matt Monk Sales and Property Specialist 810-257-3088
Melissa Hertlein Community Resource Planner 810-257-3088 ext. 524
Jennifer Riggs Transaction Supervisor 810-257-3088 ext. 537
Raynetta Speed Community Outreach Coordinator 810-257-3088 ext. 536
Moses Timlin Neighborhood Strategy Coordinator 810-257-3088 ext. 542


The Land Bank's mission is to restore value to the community by acquiring, developing and selling vacant and abandoned properties in cooperation with stakeholders who value responsible land ownership.



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The Genesee County Land Bank is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

452 S. Saginaw Street, 2nd Floor
Flint, Michigan 48502

PHONE: 810.257.3088
FAX: 810.257.3090