The Land Bank Side Lot Program is a great opportunity for residents to extend their yard.

Homeowners in the City of Flint with vacant Land Bank property adjacent to the left or the right side of their home have the opportunity to purchase that property as a side yard for $25.00, plus the foreclosure year’s taxes (if foreclosed in 2003 or before), a $25.00 administration fee, and a $30.00 filing fee.

This program brings properties back onto the tax roll, while reducing the public costs associated with property maintenance.

Side Lot Requirements:

  • The property requested is located in the City of Flint.
  • The property requested is currently owned by the Genesee County Land Bank.
  • The property requested is vacant real property with no structure on the site.
  • The property requested is next to the applicant’s property with at least a 75% common boundary line on the right or left side.
  • The applicant is the owner and living in the property next to the requested property.
  • The applicant has never received a lot through the Side Lot Program.

Search our property database to see if there is a vacant lot next to your home that is owned by the Land Bank. To purchase a side lot, please submit a Residential Property Interest Form directly to the GCLBA office by mail, fax or drop off.

Homeowners are eligible to receive one parcel under this program (additional parcels can be purchased as vacant lots. Priority is given to property that is not large enough for a separate residential or commercial structure.

Adjacent Land Sales

The Land Bank will also consider sales to adjacent homeowners that do not meet the qualification of the side lot program.

Did you know....

The Land Bank has sold 1,308 sidelots to residents of the City of Flint.



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