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About the Flint Property Portal

The Flint Property Portal was launched by the Genesee County Land Bank Authority and the City of Flint in 2017. The purpose of the Portal is to increase public access to property information in order to strengthen engagement, transparency, and trust between residents and local government in Flint. Who owns the vacant house across the street? What is the future vision for the building on the corner? When is the Land Bank going to demolish that house? How can I let local officials know that the house next door has deteriorated? The Land Bank and the City of Flint have heard feedback from the public about property information for years. In response, we launched the Flint Property Portal so that the public will be more informed and better able to hold us, as government, accountable.

What does the Flint Property Portal do?

Property Lookup: The Portal contains a profile for every property in Flint. Each property profile includes a photograph and up to 40 pieces of property specific information. Users can lookup the profile for any property in Flint by locating it on the Flint map or entering its address or parcel ID number in the search toolbar.

Property Update: Property conditions in Flint change overnight. Meanwhile, the Land Bank and the City of Flint use the information that they have to make decisions every day. Users can report property changes through the Property Update feature to keep the Land Bank and City informed. Users can also report their community work, including boarding, trash removal, and mowing by sending a Maintenance Message.

Map Making: The Portal gives users the ability to map property information. Users can create their own mapping criteria for any area within Flint, small or large. 


Plans, Strategies and Resources

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Flint Property Portal Case Study


The Land Bank's mission is to restore value to the community by acquiring, developing and selling vacant and abandoned properties in cooperation with stakeholders who value responsible land ownership.



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